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julios16. Julio’s Chips and Salsa
Yes, I know that Julio’s chips and salsa is “chips and salsa” too. But it’s also not. Julio’s is so good it’s in a category of food all its own. There’s chips and salsa, much like what you’d get at any good God-fearin’ Mexican restaurant, and then there’s Julio’s. Julio’s is like regular chips and salsa, except they require a 12-step program to get un-addicted to them.

If somehow you’ve lived here in Texas and still haven’t had them, do yourself a favor and drive to HEB right now. You can thank me later.
chipsandqueso15. Chips and Queso

You’d think I’d be done talking about chips by now, but you’d be wrong. Chips in this state have another companion that must be discussed. That companion is queso. Queso is the heavier, lighter, more filling sibling of salsa. It’s not just melted cheese. It’s melted cheese blended with spices, pico de gallo, and maybe a little guacamole. Heck, if you want a meal, throw in some meat too. Just bring plenty of heavy duty chips. Queso is great for breaking your chips in half.

In any normal setting, grabbing a bowl and scraping out the contents with your hands is normally frowned upon. When it comes to queso though, all Texans do their part to make sure that none gets wasted. We’ll use every last chip crumb to get every last ounce of that golden delicious goodness.

bbq14. Texas BBQ
Other states may have their “specialty” BBQ, but Texas is king of them all. If you want smoked turkey, we’ve got it. Want sausage? You’re covered. Brisket? You don’t even have to ask. Heck, the National Magazine of Texas even built an entire website devoted to our sacred food. We’ll literally take any part of the cow you’ve got and smoke it to perfection.

BBQ in other states just does not compare. We have perfected the art to a point that it’s almost unfair to compare our food to the sorry excuse for smoked meats that other states try to produce. Sorry America. Just because you own a smoker that you bought at Home Depot and a bag of mesquite chips does not make you a BBQ pro. Leave it to the professionals, better known as Texans.