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drpepper13. Dr Pepper
Few beverages are as revered as our beloved Dr Pepper. Invented in the 1880′s in Waco, TX it is one of the most refreshing a delicious things you will ever taste. It’s so beloved in Texas that there’s nothing more disappointing for a Texan than asking for a Dr Pepper and being told that a restaurant only has Mr. Pibb. Face it America. Mr. Pibb is no substitution for the real Texan drink.


ranch12. Ranch Dressing
There is only one dipping sauce that is universally accepted for 99.9% of all food items in the state of Texas: Ranch dressing. The folks out in California may have invented the stuff, and God Bless em for it, but this condiment is king on the Texas lunch and dinner table. I’ll dip pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, Texas toast, and dang near any other edible item in it.




tortillas11. Tortillas
In Texas, the table isn’t correctly set until this fella shows up. The flat circular corn/flour discs of deliciousness inside are one part eating utensil, one part container of awesomeness. The tortilla will sop up food and it’ll wrap up random ingredients in to an easily ingested form. Heck, it can even act as a napkin.

No Texan’s diet is complete without a healthy helping of tortillas. Corn or flour, tortillas are good at any hour.

Speaking of tortillas…