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There are certain things we wouldn't divulge for love or money. Some of our recipes are closely guarded and if we were to tell you, then everyone would know. But we will be glad to show you some of our secrets if you'll show us yours. You first...

You never know, you may see your very own favorite recipe used on our Specials menu - with proper credit to the author of course. We'll even invite you to stand around the restaurant that day and sign autographs.

If we get enough good stuff, we might just publish it in a cookbook.

We will assume if you send us an old family favorite, new family favorite or somebody else's family favorites that we will be able to share them with everyone who logs onto our website. If you prefer to keep your family secrets secret, don't send them to us.

When sharing a recipe please be as specific as possible with quantities and directions, and include how many servings it will make. Be sure to include your name and phone number in case we need your help getting just the right effect. Your private information will not be published or given out to anyone.

Hey! We now have cooking videos for selected recipes! Just look for the  videoicon button!