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Spodubee Chili Recipe

Recipe by: Patrick Maher
Servings: 12+

There are some things that might be better left alone.
This recipe may be one of them.
Or it might be the most delicous thing ever.

  1.  Measure               Ingredient
    ------    -------        ----------
    2.75    pounds        cous cous, a small yet versatile pasta
    3.50    pounds        lean ground beef
     3       eqaul amts   three of your favorite novelty hot sauces (scale to taste)
    3/4     pounds        game meat (venison, elk, rabbit, really whatever you have lying around)
     3      tablespoons  cayenne pepper or its equivalent
             very small amt    very very very hot pepper
     2       pounds        bacon
    1/2     pound         very sharp vermont cheddar (I usually omit this, cheese disagrees with me)
     3       cloves         elephant garlic
     2       whole         onions
     1       tablespoon    cinnamon
    1/8    cup              maple syrup (i use aunt jemima)
     5    4-oz cans       tomato paste
    3 or 4            just ripe tomatoes
     2    tablespoons    large grain sea salt
    1/8    cup              Jim Beam (may be omitted without affecting taste much)
                                big fat lemon wedges
                                red and white pepper to taste
                                purified water
                                butter and oil for frying and browning

Cook the bacon slow and crispify it good.  chop it fine and set it aside.
Cook the the cous cous according to it's packaging directions. set aside
Chop the onion and garlic and cook them in olive oil until just brown.
Mix with bacon and cous cous.

Brown the meat and some butter in a sauce pan of appropriate size to hold all ingredients. (this is important, the meat must not leave the pan untilit's eaten)  Add all the other ingredients, except for the cous cous mix, to the sauce pan. Add enough water so that you can boil the mix.

Boil the mix and simmer vigorously until it reaches a good thickness. At this point add the cous cous mix and simmer, very very low, for almost 45 minutes. Serve with celery and garnish with lemon wedges.

a note:  this recipe is very informal and the ingredients may be ommited as desired except for the game meat, ground beef, cous cous, and an element of the spiciness. Also, the amounts are really upin the air, you'll be able to tell what proportions are necessary.

Prepared as above 13 people were fed to bursting.

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