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Texafied Pickles Recipes

Recipe By: Carlton    
Servings: ?        
Preparation Time: overnight

 Amount        Measure        Ingredient
 ------            -------            ----------
   1             32oz jar        sliced dill pickles    
   1             cup               sugar (or less, to taste)    
   1             8oz bottle      green Tabasco sauce (HOT!)
   1             8oz bottle      habanero Tabasco sauce (HOTTER!)

Drain the pickle juice from the jar of pickles. Don't worry about touching the pickles and causing that funky stuff to grow in it because you're fixin' to scare the beans out of that funky stuff.

Add about a cup of sugar to the pickles.
Pour the bottle of green Tabasco sauce in with the sugar and pickles.
Put the lid back on the pickle jar and invigorate contents (that means shake it up).
Put it in the fridge for an overnight stay. Keep refrigerated.

I usually add an additional 1/4th to 1/2 bottle of habanero sauce for a little extra kick.

CAUTION: Texafied Pickles are highly addictive; don't worry 'cause it's a diet food.

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