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Posole Recipe

Recipe By: Freidy
Serving Size: 18        
Preparation Time: 1:30

Amount    Measure             Ingredient
 ------    -------                ----------
   3        pounds              smoked pork, shredded
   2        each                  onion, julienned
   2        tablespoons        garlic, minced
   4        each                  green chiles, canned & chopped
   1        gallon                chicken stock
   1        teaspoon            black pepper, ground fine
  1/2      teaspoon            oregano, whole
  1/2      teaspoon            cumin seed, whole
   4        fluid ounces        canned jalapeno pepper juice
  29       ounces                hominy, canned
   2        cups                   tomatoes, cubed 1/2"
Saute onion and garlic in 1 ounce of margarine til limp.
Add rest of ingredients, except the pork, and simmer for 1 hour.
Add pork and simmer until hot.
Serve 10 ounces in a bowl topped with tortilla strips and sliced green onion.

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